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Adnaan Raja


He was born in Birmingham. In 2007, aged 18 years, he was introduced to his first teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen with whom he began the study of Arabic and then key texts in Jurisprudence, Legal Theory, Theology, and Hadith Methodology.

Thereafter, he furthered his studies with Mufti Yar Muhammad Khan, studying under him Arabic philology and linguistics, Hanafi Jurisprudence, Theology, and Legal Theory.

Eventually, he went to his most senior teacher, the late Allama Ghulam Muhammad Tonswi and studied with him Rhetoric, Logic, Legal Theory, Quranic Exegesis, and Hadith Studies.

He also pursued his undergraduate studies and graduated with BSc honours in English Language, and a Certificate in Arabic. He is a qualified lecturer and is currently studying MA Applied Linguistics at the University of Birmingham.

He has taught Islamic sciences since 2009, in a number of institutes and privately in his house which he continues to do so. Currently he holds the posts of Course Leader for Linguistic Studies at the Institute for Leadership, Birmingham and Curriculum Manager/Lecturer at ISNAD Institute which he co-founded. His associative work includes translations, course design and writing for a number of organisations.

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